Technical Stuff

I use Internet Explorer 6 (or earlier) and I keep getting a popup, why is that?

Although you can use everything on our site with IE6, we are trying to encourage users to upgrade or change their browser for their own sake. New browsers are far more secure than IE6 and also faster and will improve your overall internet experience, not just our site.

You may be in a situation where you cannot upgrade since the type and version of browser is controlled through a central PC team that is maintaining a tight control on what is installed for support purposes. I completely understand why this might be the case and apologise in these instances for the popup. That said, it may be worth a quick enquiry with your IT suppport team, to see if there is any opportunity to upgrade, since there are lots of advantages.

I've tried to load the pupil's and teacher's versions of the KIRFS but I just get a green and blue screen with the words 'Conker Maths' but nothing more.

You probably have the wrong version of Flash installed. To run our software you need version 9 of Flash (the current Flash version is 10). To get the latest Flash player visit this site

As well as being able to use our software, upgrading your Flash player also brings general security and performance enhancements, so it's worth the few minutes it takes to upgrade.