[KIRFs] Please can you advise how we switch the calculator off, to allow typing again?

Thre "calculator" should remain hidden providing you don’t use the mouse and click on anything. As soon as you click on a box it should appear as it is really designed for students that are not proficient with the keyboard. Providing you just start typing and using enter when the questions start then that should prevent the calculator from appearing.

[KIRFs] Is there any way of turning off the timer so that you just get the practise without the pressure of the timer?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way of switching off the timer in the current version. Although this is a good suggestion and something we’ll implement as an option for the next release, which is planned for the next couple of months.

Although you can’t switch off the timer, there is the Teacher/Demo version of the software which doesn’t time and will keep coming up with questions until you stop. The problem with this though is that if you leave the answer blank and press enter the correct answer will be filled in, which isn’t ideal for a student. Although perhaps it’s only me that would just keep pressing enter and not try and answer the questions :-)

Update: We've now introduced a new application without a timer. You can find it on the Quick Start panel on this page :

Why haven't you included some software to cover [insert idea here] ?

Good question. Probably one of two reasons. Either it's something we are working on, or more probably you are the first person to think of [insert idea here]. If that is the case, why not drop us a line with your idea and we'll see what we can do?

I've got a fantastic idea for a new application that I think would really help others. What can I do?

Why not drop us an email with your idea. We will treat your idea in the strictest confidence and if, after some discussion, we all think that it would be useful to others and would fit with the other Conker apps we'll do what we can to help you get your idea off the ground.

We don't have any plans to charge for access to applications on this site, so if you want to sell your ideas then we are probably not the best place to go, but we will be more than happy to chat about your idea and help where we can. At the end of the day if it will help with Maths education, then we'll try and help.