What's New

Short URLs
The URLs for our site are now more friendly and easy to use. For example, if you wanted to do some KIRF Number questions, you could use the followng link: http://www.conkermaths.org/cmweb.nsf/products/conkerkirfs.html OK, it could be shorter, but hopefully this should help people share links to pages on the site.
Looks Nicer
OK, this one is a bit subjective. The previous design was based on a free web template, which we thought was good enough to get the site off the ground so that people could access the applications, but now we've built our own design from scratch. We think this is a nicer, brighter design and so far the feedback has been positive. That said, if you have any comments that you think would improve it, please let us know.
KIRF Results
So you think you're quick at a particular KIRF or you know someone who is lightning fast. Well, now you can see the top ten results for each type of KIRF. You can find this via a link on the KIRF product pages, or by following this link http://www.conkermaths.org/cmweb.nsf/Results?OpenForm. I must warn you though, that some of these times are really, really quick.
FAQ Page
On the previous site we menetioned that we would add an FAQ page for any common issues or questions that arise. Well, now finally we have one. As we get questions or feedback we'll update this page.